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Self-Care Sunday: Consistency Cares.

Monique Lietz once said ‘you don’t have to be extreme, just consistent’. This got me thinking, when you consider self-love, and care it doesn’t mean you have to be vain, or go OTT. We just need to provide ourselves with consistent care. Some people meditate, some journal, others, a face mask in a bubble bath will work. It’s an activity with no wrong answer. Whatever works for you is enough. No matter what it is. Indirectly, I think sometimes the pressure to provide for yourself, is one we can end up sweeping under the rug. The overwhelming concept of time and decision making, can invade and hinder the task of providing some time, and, mindfulness for yourself. Although, the bottom line is just ensuring you’re consistent with whatever works for you.

Personally, I’ve still not cracked the whole sense of ‘Self-love’ or ‘Self-Care’. It is one of those things you need to be consistent with, I’m still learning the balance. Similarly, I am kinda learning what kind of boundaries and necessities I do have, or need. My saving graces definitely include sleep and making sure I’ve got some kind of routine. Don’t be fooled, my life is far from a smooth ride and my job doesn’t always leave room

for the most normal, or, regular routine. So, whilst all the mayhem continues…Here’s my best tools which help provide myself with some much needed ‘me’ time…

  1. Finch: Self Care Widget Pet

  2. Sleep Cycle App

  3. A Journal to Write All and Any Rubbish + Some Kind of Desk Weekly Planner

Finch is an app which kind of gives you tamagotchi and Nintendo dogs vibes. But, with this reward of caring for yourself while playing a game as it were. Just going off of my experience, I’ve found it helps to kickstart my day because I am and properly will always be a nightmare in the mornings.

Sleep Cycle is an application which records and analyses your sleep. HONESTLY, IT’S A LIFE CHANGER. My sleeping pattern isn’t my best quality, and I am that person who says they’re going to sleep, and then for the next three hours scrolls through Tiktok, or plays some relevant game. This enables me to be semi-normal. I’ll be honest, my sleep has improved by over 40% since using it which is always helpful.

As for a journal, this can just be in any book. I just come up with random sections and then have a double page per day. One page that tracks me, and the other for rambling, which as you’ve guessed, I do a lot. The weekly desk planner I do once a week and quotes for some motivation but it's nothing overly special and was a pretty bargain I paid 79p for. These types of things don't have to cost alot.

Ultimately, these three tools kind of work in unison and give me a routine even when I can’t stick to certain times. If you don’t have a 9-5 and do nights then you’ll know sleep can be a rarity, and having some kind of plan for your day is a necessity. These are just the things that work for me though. Don’t feel pressured to try or if these don’t work for you. It’s about what works for you and doing it consistently. In theory, it can help.

What Would You Vouch For?

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to any of these organisations and this is purely an opinion piece. Although, I do recommend trying I can not guarantee the online safety of these applications. Please ensure you read their terms and conditions before using etc.

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