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SC UNDERCOVER: ''Music was the one thing that kept me here''

Birmingham singer-songwriter SC Undercover disclosed how fundamental music has been during his mental health journey and previously expressed how he has used it as a way of escapism from his mental health and addiction.

The 24-year-old artist recently released his debut single ‘Darkness Before Light’ which is said to create hope for more positive things in ones life, such as finding the one, or, even the light in rather dark times. With this in mind, I wanted to find out a little bit more on the release and to be quite honest him as well. During our brief, yet meaningful conversation his humble and down to earth character shone through as he enlightened me of the reason he makes music.

“Mental health has been something that's been a huge part of my life and still is, to be honest music was probably the one thing that kept me here. So many people suffer with depression and similar conditions and part of me doing music is to let people know, you’re not alone and others have felt that pain too, I know first hand how bad it can get, so if I can share my experience and show it's possible to keep going, that’s what I'll do.”

If I’m being honest with you, the music itself is not really my cup of tea. But, lyrically it grips you and is extremely relatable for various different reasons. This is most probably why I connected, yet disconnected from the track. It’s a story telling kind of song where you get captivated by the words and the emotions you feel, yet the melody just seems like white noise. It sounds harsh I know but for some reason this is why I like it so much. It’s got a different kind of vibe to it. It’s more raw, more honest and the reason I say white noise is because it activates my mind yet for some reason I know it’s not what I’d listen to. Yet I’ve listened to it on quite a few occasions, it’s kinda ironic really.

Ultimately, I can share my view but, so can you. Now I’ve said my piece let me know what you think. Could you connect? Did you disconnect straight away? Are you more of a melody, rather than a meaning kind of listener?

Above all else I take my hat off to him. There’s something about this release which just goes to show you how much emotion and passion goes into a song and opening up about your own mental health with imagery such as he has done takes a lot of courage.

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