• Katie Titus

Neverworld Presents The Next Big Up & Comer!

As the fourth act approached Neverworld's Fortress, my initial thoughts were one some may not agree with.

The ones to watch, don't usually perform at the start of the day.

Although I couldn't have been more wrong. This revelation occurred when Sam Calver's sound disbursed through the crowd.

An exclusive interview, prior to his performance had left me intrigued. After learning Calver's bold decision - to perform songs, fans had yet to heard.

During this discussion, he explained how he had recently ''switched styles'' and his new EP was going to be ''more emotional and honest''. With this in mind, I was interested to know the reason around his newfound sound. Pleasantly surprised to hear, it was fatherhood. A refreshing discovery, he explained had given him, ''another driving force.''

Still, my first impressions were uncertain of what to expect. He seemed to come across as he had it together. But his ''I'm a bit of a perfectionist'' comment made me wonder, would his perfectionist ways vibe with the crowd?

However, I was certain his connection to Neverworld's 'Never Grow Old' policy was indisputable.

''I'd be a pirate all day long because Jack Sparrow is a legend... I f**king love that shit.''

But, performance wise did he make or break?

During his performance, my initial concerns had disappeared when his soul-baring opening sent goosebumps around the crowd. Performing tracks not yet released was certainly a risk worth taking, as festival-goers became engrossed with his feel-good yet emotional fusion. From hyping up the crowd to sharing more important tracks of the bunch. The Hasting's based artist had defiantly made his performance.

Neverworld had just presented an up and comer like no other as well.

My personal favourite though had to be 'River' without any reasonable doubt, as Calver's musicianship and vocal ability shone the whole way through. During his performance, it had became clear this wasn't about fame, but love for music and the people around him, which may explain why the fangirling and praise had continued throughout his slot.

Considering his EP is set to be released very soon, I would defiantly say keep an eye out for him.

I think we're be seeing a lot more of him real soon.

If you'd like to check him out click here!

Photography Credit: Jake Tanner

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