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Music 4 Mental Health Review

The #IAMWHOLE Music 4 Mental Health campaign exceeded expectations for their first ever event last week when established artists came together to break the mental health stigma.

The campaign aims to '' to use the power of music to help break down the stigma and normalise the conversations surrounding mental health'' as well as raise ''vital funds for mental health projects targeting young people across the UK and Ireland''.

The gig that continued to strive to change the mental health conversation was opened with an exceptional set by Grammy award winner Ed Sheeran.

During his performance, the London venue lit up with mobile phone torches as audience members became engrossed with Sheeran's performance of 'Love Yourself', 'Thinking Out Loud' and 'A-Team', to name a few. Then, came to an end with the selfie to end all as Jordan Stephens and Ed gathered together to take the ultimate #IAMWHOLE photograph with the audience.

It was truly a daydream.

After, Sheeran's performance Stephens enlighted the audience how everyone he'd asked said ''YES'' hence the ''entire festival into one night'' line up.

The night was becoming one like no other as performances from Nothing But Thieves, Olly Murs, Anne-Marie, Ella Eyre, Louis Berry, Professor Green, Hussain Manawer, James Arthur were still yet to come.

Nothing But Thieves' Conor Mason set everyone into a mixture of emotions as his chilling performance of Sorry captivated everyone and then set everyone into a head-banging formation as he performed Broken Machine which has a perfect Pop, Indie, Rock fusion.

I have to agree with Jordan Stephens the evening was honestly ''mad busy with all the talent.''

Olly Murs even performed 'Talking to Myself' from his debut album 'I Know You Know' for the first time and explained how he had struggled to talk to someone and expressed how you don't need to be afraid ''talk to someone I AM WHOLE, YOU ARE WHOLE!''

The #IAMWHOLE movement message continued to be shared as artists spoke about their struggles and what mental health meant to them. For instance, Anne - Marie performed 'Perfect to Me' and explained how ''you feel like you're alone but when you voice it'' it can get better.

Unlike most music-related events you could see and feel how much this meant to everyone because it wasn't just your average gig, it included everyone and ensured people left with not only having had a good time but knowledge of mental health as well.

Also, I feel as though the running order was set out so well considering James Arthur closed the show. This is because he has been very vocal about his mental health and is and has been an activist within the ongoing mental health movement in society. Also, one thing I felt was so significant was when he enlightened everyone the ''most important thing I've learnt is it's ok not to be ok'' and finished the show on a high with everyone up and clapping.

Without realising it Music 4 Mental Health has changed the game up because they've shown you can have a low but highs are only round the corner.

#IAMWHOLE have exceeded anything expected, I wonder what's next?

Photo Credit: Instagram via @wholeorg

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