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Loyle Carner on Mental Health: ''People need to learn how to listen''.

Last night, the first ever Music 4 Mental Health event kicked off with a bang as V.I.P guests, charity C.E.O's and some of the M4MH team gathered together to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

I was honoured to be invited to the pre-show and pleasantly refreshed at how passionate everyone involved in the Music 4 Mental Health campaign was. You could sense how much this meant to all the participants, it wasn't just another press stunt or for the money.

It was for change.

During the eye-opening panel discussion, Loyle Carner: rapper, actor and mental health activist captivated the Camden Lock venue as he made it clear ''people need to learn how to listen'' about mental health. It didn't stop with Carner either as Jordan Stephens (Rizzle Kicks member and founding member of Music 4 Mental Health), Matt Campion (#IAMWHOLE creative director), Dr Alex (Love Island contestant) and a YMCA volunteer joined him on stage for the groundbreaking discussion.

The 24-year-old rapper and actor who lives with ADHD himself has already done a great deal involving breaking the stigma that surrounds itself with mental health. From the cookery school, he set up for young people who struggle with their ADHD to his involvement with Calm's Best Man Project which saw Carner speak about his mental health along with a variety of many other celebrities.

However, last night was a different kind of campaign that presented just how music and mental health can make a difference no matter what genre ss the event went to go on to prove.

Music certainly is the universal language in every context.

Newest Music from Loyle Carner - Ottolenghi feat Jordan Rakei!

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