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A Tadhg Daly 'Stuck In The Middle' Single Review: Just Another Break-up Track?

Last week, Tadhg Daly debuted his latest single ‘Stuck In The Middle’. Although, for a break-up kind of song it was nothing like you’d think. Well at least was nothing like I’d expected.

Unlike the slow ballads you normally scream out to, this was a track with lyrics which cut to the core. It was so much more personal compared to your average ‘I’m heartbroken’ song. The upbeat drum pattern results in you feeling uplifted. It could even be said it signifies marching towards your future and untangling yourself from the past.

According to Daly himself, performing and playing this song results in him being able to ‘’let go of a little bit of the pain that inspired the song.’’ With this in mind, I think it’s only fair to he may have just cracked it and for this reason, it’s why I believe ‘Stuck In The Middle’ is the greatest kind of break-up song. This is because you sing and dance and let all the negativity out.

I would have preferred to hear more of the born and bred Jersey artist’s vocal ability. But this is just a personal desire and every other box has been checked. From meaning to musicianship he seems to have cracked it.

Now all that’s left is to see how it sounds live and bearing in mind he has two headline gigs coming up, I’ll find out very soon.

Will we see you there?

To Listen to Stuck In The Middle, CLICK HERE!

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