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Honesty Is The Best Policy: Thoughts of Valetta's Debut 'Irregular Low'

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

This Friday, Manchester-based band Valetta is releasing their debut single Irregular Low. Straight off the cuff, I'm going to say this is just an opinion piece as 'psychedelic rock' is not a genre I pretend to know much about, let's get into it though...

After years of writing music and practicing in small venues, the four lads decided to release their first track, but was it all a bit soon?

Honestly, I couldn't confidently tell you yes or no. This track and its psychedelic sound is unique and not even necessarily in a negative way. It will transcend you to places you cannot even imagine and, with the unexpected ending, it's worth a listen for the shock and melodic explosion.

I feel like it may be fair to say they haven't perfected their sound as of yet as one minute you feel like you're in the '60s and, the next, it turns into a Drum and Bass introduction. But, the imagery and adventure you experience are what I guess you could say attracts and keeps you listening - it's a little bit ironic, I know. It's clear it's a heavily influenced piece of music but is it too much?

Let me know what you think. I'm undecided. I feel like it could be my guilty pleasure. But, I know I'm not supposed to like it for its musical imperfections. Then again, the whole point of music is being able to express yourself freely.

Who knows, this could be the start of an inspiration career for them. It's down to you to decide.

Listen to Irregular Low NOW!

Updated 27/11/20

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