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UKG: A Charity Track Unlike You've Ever Heard - 'It's Gonna B Ok'

You may or may not know UK Garage originates from back in the 80’s in America. With this in mind, it then become what old and new skool ravers know today as UKG and since then I think it’s fair to say, it’s been setting the tone for some of our present much loved genres. Some may even say it’s been that underground treasure they’ve only heard at a club, festival, or on a pirate station back in the day, if ever at all. With its ever growing community and anthems I think it’s only right to be ready. For a mainstream UKG revival. In the current circumstances, everyone’s in need of some feel good tunes at the very least, which brings me to the latest Garage Shared track with a difference.

A NHS Special Remix of ‘It’s Gonna B Ok’ from Joe Hunt featuring Chiverton, Abi and Hotch. A charity banger you can rave to while knowing every penny is going to NHS Charities Together. Understandably, there are a lot of charity songs surfacing at the moment so I’m not going to waste your time with a vibe you’ve already had. Helping the NHS at this moment in time is extremely important, but let’s do it on a high, while staying safe at home, right?

I can sure as hell say you haven’t heard nothing like this.

It’s ultimate nostalgia, which is kind of crazy for me to say considering I wasn’t even born when Garage was at its peak in the 90’s. But, that feeling I got reminded me straight away of the feeling I has when I heard Craig David’s ‘Born to Do It’ album, it was almost freaky, in a good way of course, and a little bit ironic, considering Hotch mentioned him.

If you've been to a Garage night, or something similar you’re know how mad it is, when an iconic tune like Flowers, or 21 Seconds comes on and everyone just goes for it. That feeling can't be beaten. The whole good feeling, in sync togetherness is pretty much what I get when I listen to ‘It’s Gonna B Ok’ and it’s the only way, I can kind of describe it.

We're all fighting this pandemic hard but this gives you a little bit of hope, ’these dark days will pass’ and raising money for the people who are on the front line is massively important. It was only released yesterday and already the track is No.3 in the iTunes Dance Chart, and No.25 in the overall iTunes Official Chart beating Drake so there’ll be no ‘right foot up, left foot side,’ it all about the two step!

If you can, and haven’t already checked the track out, it’s on all major music platforms and ONLY 99p. If you can and don’t, I honestly think you’re missing out - we all need that feel good feeling right now.

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