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Stormzy - ‘’The Best Male is Nothing without Incredible Females’’

‘Heavy Is the Head’ rapper Stormzy shared support for women in the music industry last night as he accepted a second time win at The BRIT Awards. The South-London artist, who previously won British Male Artist of The Year, as well as Mastercard’s Album of The Year back in 2018 went on to receive the 40th Male Artist of The Year and make a feminist statement.

During his acceptance speech much like other BRIT Award winners, Stormzy shouted out the people on his team and the people who had supported him most. He also made a point of focusing on the ‘’incredible females’’ on his team and stated how

‘’the best male is nothing without incredible females’’.

According to Women In Music (2019), “the gender divide across all regions is roughly 70% male to 30% female.’’ With that in mind, Stormzy’s speech was an award in itself. As his love and passion for his ‘Merky’ team spoke volumes and positively highlighted key gender issues within the industry, rather than in a gender bashing manner which seems to be a continuous occurrence. Some could say the equality moment is going backwards in some ways as even though women have a voice now they only speak for 30% of the industry and men are being slated because of this. For instance, last year’s #GrammySoMale twitter frenzy as well as the scrutiny Ed Sheeran went under during his award presentation for Best Pop Solo Performance at the Grammy’s in 2018. The truth is everyone is entitled to the same opportunities and rights as one another (Equality Act 2010/ Human Rights Act 1998) so instead of criticising, congratulating could be the way forward.

‘’The best male is nothing without incredible females’’ but likewise an incredible female is most like nothing without the best males.

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