• Katie Titus

A love hate Review: The Trusted's 'Wild Love'.

Last month, Indie pop-rock four-piece The Trusted released their debut single 'Wild Love' on all popular digital streaming services.

Was it loved, or hated though?

Honestly, I still couldn't tell you. At first glance, it seems nothing more than a mediocre Indie-pop song, with an average indie style vocal and classic repetitive guitar riff. Personally, it just isn't my cup of tea. Perhaps this could be because of their constant changing of sound which doesn't make their music something I can fully connect with as a listener.

The Southend lads certainly have a way with words, as lyrically, they cannot be faulted. Their music developments since their debut in the mid-2016's are something that will turn heads as their talents continue to improve.

However, it's not all gloom and doom as one of the band's members Dave Batchelor, is guaranteed to beckon your eardrums during his drumming wizardry. A drumming dynamic nothing less than remarkable while being timed perfectly. Drummers tend to get overlooked a lot, but in this case, you cannot shy away from the talent lurking behind the kit.

The truth is 'Wild Love' might not be their best work or the best indie track ever released. But, The Trusted's live performance is supposed to be a whole different kettle of fish. Consequently, If you're around their neck of the woods on 28/12, you should check out their headline show at Chinnerys Southend.

Meanwhile, why not check out Wild Love and let me know if you loved it.

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