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Chay Snowdon 'Men Cry Too' Review & Natter: ''People should be able to express t

Last month, four-piece Chay Snowdon released a remarkable statement with their new song 'Men Cry Too'. The Indie Rock 'n' Roll fused track is far from a mental health cry for help as lead guitarist Jack Hawkins provides 'anthemic riffs' as singer-songwriter Chay releases his punchy unique Indie vocals.

This release is a statement, not just a piece of music and because of this I knew I had to find out more, so here's some of the tea from frontman Chay Snowdon.

Some sources insinuate ‘Men Cry Too’ was a result of a ''man up'' comment you overheard, how did that make you feel?

‘’It was a weird one, I was intrigued. I had a lot of time to think about. I found it more confusing than anything else, I’m still a bit confused by it all. It goes back to the stereotypes which I just don’t think there’s any room for… people should be able to express themselves. ‘’

Is this the reason behind the track?

‘’Yes, a big reason! It can only become worse if you don’t speak about it. I wanted to say my piece. Mental health being spoken about is brilliant!‘’

In a previous interview with Neon Music, you touched on how to succeed image can be very important so currently, what are your thoughts on not just social media, but social expectations where in some cases you’re made to be at your best?

‘’I think there’s such an emphasis on image and to maintain that sort of brand you need to look tip-top. It’s not the most healthy thing, everyone has bad days and that’s ok. I just want to be in it for the music I want to do something in my life which I’m proud of.‘’

Do you have any advice for people in similar positions to yourself?

‘’All I can say is people are always going to say things you just need to be true to the music you make and make sure your happy making it. It bothers me less [when someone says something] because this is what I like and I enjoy making.‘’

On a more positive note what’s next for you, will there be any new music this year?

‘’We’re just aiming to get ‘Men Cry Too’ as far as possible and see how far we can push it. We’ve been blown away with the amount of support. We won’t be releasing any more new music this year although, we’d love to look into releasing a four or five-track EP in the foreseeable future.‘’

The truth is the single has a five-star meaning but personally, it's only a strong three-star track - don't take my word for it though check it out!

So as J.T would say 'that's the real tea' so if you'd like to let me know your thoughts of 'Men Cry Too' or what you hope from the South-West lads just comment down below.

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