• Katie Titus

Black Deer: Love, Nerves & Passion

It's genuinely so crazy to think Black Deer was more than a month ago. This year's experience has been one we definitely won't forget any time soon either. From working it, living the Americana culture for the weekend to even discovering new artists who we necessarily wouldn't listen to. Although our ultimate highlight for this year has to be performing on our SupaJam stage which quite thankfully sounds ludicrous considering who we are, and where we come from.

Photography Credit: Black Deer Festival.

The whole experience has been a complete whirlwind and an emotional one at that as we were all a bunch of nerves before going on to perform. Considering some of us our moving on so this year is our last. The outstanding opportunity was one we weren't going to take advantage of and this is where our love and passion for music was exposed. As you may not be aware but the songs performed were written by us musical outlaws and was something we didn't take lightly.

SupaJam is a music college like no other which gets students from all walks of life and for some students, it is their last chance to have access to education.

Photography Credit: Black Deer Festival.

With this in mind, you may think the college is just filled with a bunch of misfits. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Granted some of us may have not stuck to the 'norm.' But this is why music is so important to us - it provides a healthy outlet and for some can be the only way to communicate. Hopefully, you saw and heard this during some of the performers as for some students the songs performed were real-life experiences which weren't necessarily easy to perform.

This is what's great about Black Deer though not only do they cater to their audience (who range from tots to teenagers and so on) but they're crew too!

The love and passion which pours from the crew is just something we all vibed with as well.

Frankly, it was just a transcendent weekend which we are all sad to see over. So all it leaves now is next years preparation. With this in mind, if you haven't already buy an Early Bird ticket so your prepared and don't miss out on what we'll be revealing at Black Deer in 2020!

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