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Blankface 'Bonzai Trees' Single Review: Low-fi or Low quality?

Last week, UK based producer Blackface released his first single from upcoming album 'Somewhere I doubt you'll find'. But was the single a low-fi sensation or a low-quality mess?

Let's get into it...

Bonzai Trees - a track guaranteed to unleash your creative mindfulness.

Although, if you are someone who prefers to singalong, this may not be up your street; as the creative freedom has left no space for a vocal personal touch, (or at least hasn't been added to the standard you'd expect.) However, the imperfections are what make it a simply perfect low-fi track. Granted the song is rather repetitive and At first, can seem like a chilled tune which goes on for too long. But, these variables are what also hold quality to it. For example, if we look at modern culture, this style of music has become extremely popular within gaming and study playlists and is easy to come across when listening for similar-sounding songs.

Personally, the best way I can explain Blankface's first release of the soon to be debut album is you'll either love it or hate it!

One concept I still cannot fathom though is why he released this track first. You may be wondering why - simply because it is not the best of his new album (debuting on the 13th September this year.) Honestly, I can't wait for the instrumental artist to officially release it so you can all listen. This album will transcend you to a whole new universe and is full of surprises. Currently, I can't say too much though as I don't want to ruin it. So with that in mind check out Bonzai Trees for the time being and let me know what you think.

It's a little bit different but different isn't always bad.

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