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Black Deer Help Kids Be Kids Again.

Young Folks Mini Festival Activity Area.

Nowadays, most music festivals are either children based, or, have an over 18 restriction, which makes it incredibly difficult for all members of the family to participate in the weekend's activities. However, what if I told you, your parental concerns have been resolved and you don’t need to be listening to your children swarm you with the age-old phrase, ‘’I’m bored, can we go yet?’’?

Sounds good right?

It’s about time everyone enjoyed themselves age shouldn’t be a problem.

Before my revisit to the Black Deer arena, I didn’t think there was until I realised just how much the second-year festival had to offer, as well as, how much I had missed (when referring to the culture the festival has.) This is when I made a point of checking out more than just the stages this year and having a

proper butchers around.

This is what I found out - the family festival caters for just about every age - you’ve got stuff for the over 18’s, music for all Country and Americana fanatics and an array of activities for your tiny tots all the way to your not so tiny teenagers who may not look like babies but will always be yours.

Young Folk's Go to Area.

Starting with your tiny tots who can create anything their thoughts desire with Sewcool or Imagine, Make, Play - from making masks to creating your very

own designer spoon from only £1 with Spoon Meadow.

Their creative outcomes and thoughts are endless.

However, if they are a little bit older and want to be taken on an outdoors and adventure whirlwind then the Woodland Tribe, zip-wiring or tree climbing may be more up their meadow. As the Woodland Tribe creates safe and worthwhile learning yet fun experience for kids to use their imagination to build with woodwork.

‘Kids will be Kids.’

For that reason, I would defiantly suggest tree climbing with The Great Big Tree Climbing Co or zip-wiring to get have an authentic and thrilling outdoors journey. The days of children playing outside are slowly growing smaller and smaller so take advantage of the great doors while the weathers hot and the music soothes you.

Young Folk's very own Woodland Tribe's Creative Vision - Photography credit: Woodland Tribe.

The choice is yours but if you’re looking for more than just music this weekend, why not try a few? There’s a calm and chilled acoustic a set around as well so you won’t be disappointed.

Embrace the culture, I know I certainly will be!

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