• Katie Titus

Black Deer Opens with a Returning Bang!

As the arena gates opened for its 2019 debut, festival-goers were captivated by Country and Americana blues coming from the SupaJam stage by none other than The Cinelli Brothers who put the Blues into Country. The four-piece band opened the stage with a musicianship masterpiece set which shone through the Kent Country Park.

Nevertheless, as I turned around to take the full experience in, I heard the very familiar foot-tapping brotherhood - Nobel Jacks. The quartet who previously opened the SupaJam stage last year had, in fact, returned to kick off Black Deer’s Ridge.

In their set, the bewitching brother-hood performed tracks from their latest album, one of which being ‘Ramblers Steam’ which was a massive crowd pleaser and left no one standing still as cowboy boots were tapping and hands were clapping along with the kick. However, it was nothing like ‘Rely on Love’ or the finale ‘BlackSmith Stomp’ where the music was intensified and resulted into festival-goers wanting more.

The crowd was truly living for Nobel’s Jacks.

The way they lose themselves in the music showed just how little had changed since last year as they still worked the audience and got them battling off with the good ole ‘she said, I said’, which hyped everyone up. Considering the mixture of their crowd-pleasing tracks, the audience’s Irish jigs and cowboy boots stomps which filled The Ridge, I am almost certain the weekend is set to make history for the independent festival.

With the recent series of events, it was detrimental too that the fusion festival came back bigger and better and continued the momentum for this year and like Nobel Jacks they have certainly delivered so far.

What do you think though - will we catch you foot-tapping or hand clapping?

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