• Katie Titus

What Does Music Mean to You?

There is no right or wrong answer to what music personally means to you. The truth is, it can mean anything you desire, or need it to.

It's universal, no matter your needs, ethnicity, language or your current life indevours - it's a constant which can help you express yourself without any boundaries or expectations.

That's the beauty of music.

''It will have the power to connect, no matter who or, where you are from or what your favourite genre is. Black Deer is an amazing example of this because it connects you to the culture of the festival and brings everyone together.'' - J.C Level 3 Student

This brings me to the nerve-racking yet exciting news, which will be commencing on the SupaJam stage between 17:20 - 18:05 on Sunday the 23rd of June. Unlike last year, this year's award-winning festival will not only have students working the stage but performing it too!

For a variety of students, music is one of the only ways they can fully express themselves and has, been a beneficial and fulfiling element of their personal and SupaJam journey. Not everyone is academic or an open book, so music has been the incentive concept which has helped both mentally and emotionally. Some students started SupaJam with severe anxiety so preparing, ready to perform, has been an entire journey and included a lot of self-growth and belief. This couldn't have happened without the comfort from both SupaJam staff and Black Deer crew who from day one, have continuously supported us.

The experience for all of has been a complete whirlwind, however with hard work and determination, ambitions are about to be within walking distance, as students hit the spectacular SupaJam stage and capture the crowd. Although, Country isn't the most common within our generation, everyone has certainly stepped up to the challenge.

So if you are around on Sunday, or would like to witness our Country and American fusion, head over to the SupaJam Stage for 17:20. Students have already unleashed their inner artist and charmed Gill and Deb, can they do the same to you?

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Photography Credit: @jaketanner_hd

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