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Indie Central Music Presents Luna Rosa Review: Have they been sucked into the Black Hole?

Earlier this month, Indie Central Music held an event at The Finsbury London presenting Luna Rosa with special guests Belles and Fossette. But after chatting to the headliners, Luna Rosa I was enlightened how London's music scene could be like a ''black hole'' when trying to make a name for yourself.

However, the question at hand is, did this ICM presents event fall into the same devasting category?

I would say they not as the event started on a high and finished on one.

Kicking off Saturday's show was Belles and at first, I had very mixed reviews as I felt the four-piece was disconnected from the show. However, after all, I can assume as nerves and performance jitters disappeared they created a butterfly effect with their passion for their original 'Pass it on' which had the audience immediately picked up on. One thing which immediately caught my attention was 'Mold', their drummer who made the bewitching beat look effortless. They captivated everyone with their tight performance which evoked feelings similar to those felt when listening to The 1975.

Following came Fossette who set the audience into a roar with insane guitar riffs and head banding bewitching beats. They didn't stop there either as the talent just seemed to pour out of the lads. Fossette' frontman was a force to be reckoned with as his modulated vocal and showman skills shone throughout their performance. However, unlike the majority of gigs, this one felt more intimate as he jumped off the stage and fascinated the audience through the music. The performance was unlike any other and I cannot wait to see what else they get up to this year.

Fossette are definitely an Indie sensation you want to keep an eye out for!

Finally, Luna Rosa stepped up and shared the musicianship masterpiece of a set. As they transported the venue's population into another world and in a music 'Fever' with an array of originals. The four-piece who joined after destiny joined them together then shared their passion with crowd pleaser 'Aura In Bloom' which got everyone up and into a musical trance. They certainly had a way with words and music and after getting to speak to them the enlightened me they have an EP coming out in the upcoming months.

So, in response to the black hole comment, I can certainly say none of them was captured by it as they all made a crazy impact in the North London venue.

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