• Katie Titus

Sylvette Debut Single 'Memories' Review: Have they lost their mind?

Did Sylvette lose their minds or are they ready to release a track which will set the Art Rock world into a continuous rock and roll frenzy?

Personally, I think they mean business.

As they've started the year off with a high. As 'Memories' sent me serious mysterious nostalgia vibes as the first thing which popped to mind was Labyrinth which with it's additional experimental melody I was hooked.

The track is set to be released next Friday (15th February) and has already caught the eye of other musicians such as Phil Cunningham from New Order who stated how their music was “an intense and dramatic soundscape'' and was certainly ''my kind of music!” as well as being in Radio Indie Alliance's top ten with this particular track.

The best thing is they have half a dozen tour dates coming up varying over the UK from Bristol to Liverpool if you're around I would definitely suggest seeing them. The Manchester five-piece are certainly talented and this Art Rock record is only evidence to proof this. Especially the way the it has been produced to perfection.

However, are they up to scratch live or is it all a musical illusion?

To find out check out their tour dates!

UPDATE: Memories is out now!!!

What do you think?

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