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Chay Snowdon Double Single Review: Double Bubble or Double Desperate?

Last week, up and coming Indie four-piece Chay Snowdon had a double single release with 'Mon Cheri' and 'Sha La La'. But was it a double bubble for listeners or double desperate?

The double single whammy was their first release for 2019 and showcases their musical influences as well as sending you into an emotional frenzy.

The first of the two singles 'Mon Cheri' is the heavier of the two and is said to be a ''mosh pit banger''. Personally, I would not describe the track as so because I believe it to be more mellow than the average ''mosh pit banger''. However, one thing that is for certain is you'll want to get up and dance to this track as the bewitching beat takes over.

Why not give 'Mon Cheri' a listen?

Nevertheless, I would love to see this musicianship masterpiece live as not only are the four-piece said to transport you to ''wherever the hell you like'' but the way they have showcased their musical talent is unreal.

Did 'Sha La La' keep up to standard though?

One hundred percent, although, the track is calmer than the first you can hear Chay bare his soul in such an intimate way. The connection that is created between the Bristol-based boys and whoever is listening is truly remarkable. It may not be a track you can crazy headbang to but it's certainly one that will send shivers down your spine. The fusion Chay Snowdon has generated with a mellow yet impactful guitar riff and a soul-baring vocal performance is the reason why it is definitely my January top Indie track furthermore why I cannot wait to see what else they will bring out. However, I was let down with the production of the drum piece as I believe it to sound out of place but maybe that was the sound they were going with.

Nevertheless, the way they have portrayed their musical influences in the double single really helps to make you feel at home as the familiar sound of bands such as The Strokes and Kaiser Chiefs send you into having a dèjà Vu moment.

Overall, I would recommend listening to or seeing the Indie Rock n Roll/ Pop band as if their latest tracks are anything to go by it's certainly worth it!


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