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New Legends Presents Jennings Couch: A Night to Remember.

On the first, I was lucky enough to be invited to New Legends end of year gig which showcased up and coming Indie and Rock talent.

Opened by Flawless Carbon who bared their soul during an astonishing performance of 'Nothing But Trouble'. The four-piece modern alternative rock band bought music to my ears as frontwoman Lauren's pitch-perfect vocal filled the room and enchanted the audience. With love, passion and out of this world talent Carbon set the venue into a clapping frenzy!

Flawless Carbon's vocalist lost in the music.

Next up came Monster Abyss who began their set by putting everyone into a daydream with their insane violinist. Previously, having spoken to them, they enlightened me. The band had rather new members which became clear to see as they didn't see to have the chemistry you would normally expect to see at a live gig. However, the set left everyone wanting more as they finished on a high. Overall, their unique entertainment was similar to Marmite - you would either love it or hate it.

Monster Abyss

Following Monster Abyss came a brotherhood to watch out for as Capital Eye charmed the audience with original song 'Mind Control'. During their performance, they performed their latest single 'Daydream' which blew mind's with an out of this world harmony that could give you goosebumps in seconds. You could tell this set had nothing with gaining money or population though as their devotion poured out in their performance.

Capital Eye's frontman in a daydream.

Next up the man of the moment, Jennings Couch. Performing an array of his originals, Couch created a captivating connection with all the people present as he opened with 'Play Doctor with Me' which immediately took you to a different world with the headbang daze you fell into. One of my personal highlights most definitely had to be his performance of 'Saviour' - with a tempo that enchanted you to get involved and clap along while he showed his soul-bearing musicianship off. However, if that wasn't enough he closed the show with debut single 'Love Hearts' where everyone got given the singles signature emoji mask ready to be filmed live for his new music video.

Jenning's bearing his soul during performance.

The night was truly a night to remember and if you get a chance I would definitely recommend going to see a New Legends event if this night was anything to go by.

Photo Credit to @benhayes__

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