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An Ash Palmer Review: Ya Shouldn't Play the Game Unless Ya Know How to Score

Ash Palmer is a Brit-pop and Indie genre up and coming artist who has been heavily inspired by the likes of The Stereophonics. His debut EP 'Ya Shouldn't Play the Game Unless Ya Know How to Score' showcases his love of the Brit-Pop and Indie fusion.

The six-track EP shares the ''real-life emotions and stories'' he has witnessed or has been party to either prior to or during his two-year writing of it.

The EP seemed to come across as a nostalgic throwback of the days when Oasis and Blur filled the charts and Palmer's unique vocal really captivated me. If I'm honest I wish there was more individuality within the music pieces. This is because although it is clear of his passion for the Brit-pop Indie fusion I feel as though his own identity is not fully presented.

His opening to the EP 'The Streets Where We Survive' is a clear exhibition of his storytelling songwriting and has a guitar riff that entices you to head bop and actively listen to the track. Unlike what is in the charts this track and the overall EP goes against social expectations of what music should be.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for an EP to chill to, want to be captivated by a vocal unlike any other or taken back to the Brit-pop days then 'Ya Shouldn't Play the Game Unless Ya Know How to Score' is perfect for you.

Naturally, I can't wait to see what's to come next as he is currently on tour and it has been said that he is one to definitely see.

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