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Grammy Winners supporting Fundraising Self-help book which aims to 'help musicians cope with the

The music industry is a hard one to crack and the struggle to breakthrough can be both exhausting physically and mentally. After all, there's no guide to follow, well that is until now!

With the help of expert Nick Bottini and Grammy award winners Jacob Collier, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Culture Club's Mikey Craig and Snarky Puppy's very own Bill Laurance ''musical excellence'' is closer than you think.

The self-help book titled 'Just Play: The Simple Truth Behind Musical Excellence' written by Nick Bottini aims to ''help musicians cope with the emotional rollercoaster of pursuing and maintaining a music career.'' Furthermore, it covers a variety of concepts from performance anxiety to the clarity of mind. Evidently, it has become clear that mental health is affecting a lot of musicians in the public eye. Due to unforeseen tragedies and circumstances within the industry past and present.

This is only referring to established artists as well; if we refer to a study commissioned by Help Musicians UK in 2017 ''musicians may be up to three times as likely to suffer from depression than the general public''.

However, this is where the book comes into action because not only is its intention to help musicians cope but ''50% of all author royalties will go to support 'Music Minds Matter', the 24-hour mental health helpline set up by Help Musicians UK''.

Also, with the support that Bottini has received from Grammy award winner Jacob Collier who wrote the foreword within the game changer guide and the added support from Dame Evelyn Glennie, Mikey Craig and Bill Laurance who are backing 'Just Play: The Simple Truth Behind Musical Excellence.'

We can only strive for the book to do well!

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