• Katie Titus

A Black Deer Interview with Sarah Darling.

Last weekend, I was honored to interview Country Star Sarah Darling and get all the deets on new music and her UK and Black Deer experience as well as her dedicating a track to SupaJam Students.

Whilst, speaking to her she exclusively gave us the gossip on her upcoming releases, with her debut single 'Diamonds,' released less than a week ago. It seems that it's only the start for her fans as she enlightened us that she might be realising a collab at the end of the year and will be releasing a new album sometime next year.

The Country music sweetheart seems to be on a mission that I for one cannot wait to see and listen to.

With the help of Celine (a fellow SupaJam student), we were able to find out that 'Diamonds' was written about how you can have the ''highest highs and lowest lows'' within the music industry, but, that there's always a silver lining.

Darling also spoke to us about how she thought that the Black Deer arena was ''absolutely gorgeous'' and how she was really excited to perform with a full band in the circus-like tent as many people haven't heard her music with a full band before.

She also enlightened us that she likes to perform in the UK because , as she says, “country music is limitless'' and it means she can do her kind of genre, '' dream country.'' Whereas, in America country is more defined.

The whole Black Deer experience seemed to be really surreal for Sarah as she never saw it coming and that she explained that when good things happen unexpectedly they're the ''greatest gift in life.''

Additionally, Darling was very open and was very interested in what the SupaJam music college ethos was and what they provided for students. She even dedicated her single 'Halley's Comet' to all of us at SupaJam which gathered everyone's attention at the Songwriter Session on the SupaJam stage with her sweet southern vocal.

It was amazing to get to see her live and I for one can't wait to see her again when I get a chance and hear new music when she releases it.

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