• Katie Titus

Black Deer brings Kiefer Sutherland to his Knees.

Yesterday, movie and country star Kiefer Sutherland performed on the main stage at Black Deer and was brought to his knees when performing his track ‘Can’t Stay Away’.

According to the man himself, his love for country is very heavily involved with the ‘’truth and honesty’’ aspects of the genre. His introduction to his first ever ‘‘tragic love song’’ which wasn’t the average soppy track showed just that with the passion and honesty that poured into the audience during his performance as he and his band got lost in the music.

During his slot some of the other tracks he performed included: ‘Open Road’ and ‘Going Home’, which brought out the chemistry within the band and Kiefer. The performance seemed as if he switched a button and then festival goers just raised to their feet to dance and get lost in the passion purity.

The tracks certainly took over the festival as members of the audience screamed his praises and shared their ‘’love’’ for him. From the musicianship to the country captured purity.

The history-making performance is sure to go down in history as a Black Deer highlight and proof that regardless of what’s happened in the past or your age ‘’life is too short not to do something you love’’.

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