• Katie Titus

Has Youtube taken Artist's 'Freedom of Speech' away?

Recently, Youtube took down numerous music videos that had or portrayed violent themes. This was due to the recent events regarding crime in the London area.

According to BBC News, it is thought ''Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has blamed some videos for fuelling a surge in murders and violent crime in London - and singled out drill music.'' Therefore, because of the devasting tragedies, Youtube made the decision to take down 30 plus videos.

Although their intent was to help society it seems to have had a negative effect as people have started a petition to put a stop to Youtube continuing their shut down frenzy.

However, our thoughts are very mixed. Have they revoked people's right to 'Freedom of Speech' or is it ok to remove certain clips because it portrays violent themes to society?

They're only doing what's necessary, right?

What do you think?

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