• Katie Titus

Has Paul Cattermole fallin' down this time?

S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole was known for ‘gettin’ down on the floor’ but has he fallen down this time.

Artists are catching our attention in a variety of unique ways in today’s day and age; however, it’s not very common to hear artists selling their awards especially when we all know how hard they have to work for them.

What could possibly make anyone want to part with such an achievement?

The answer you're looking for in this case is money.

Paul Cattermole was reportedly trying to sell his Brit Award on ‘eBay’ for money after he has been finding it harder than most to live day to day. In his interview on Loose Women, he explained how he has been eating ‘packet noodles’ and how the show had actually bought his shirt for his appearance on it. He continued to explain how he ‘regret the way it has gone’ and hoped it could have been something that happened on the down low.

It is certainly unfortunate that it has resulted in his personal life being publicised. Although, we can wish him the best of luck and just hope he’ll ‘climb every mountain’ that gets in his way from now on.

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