• Katie Titus

Congratulate or Criticise?

It is greatly known that the Grammy’s is a huge award ceremony, where musicians are awarded for their work throughout the year. When it comes to awards for musicians this is something they aim for and work extremely hard for, even a nomination is a massive achievement. Therefore, when you win an award it is only right that you would think that you would be praised and congratulated rather than criticised and made to feel like you didn’t deserve it.

Unfortunately though that could of been how Ed Sheeran felt, when he won ‘Best Pop Solo Performance’ at the 60th Grammy’s for his number one hit ’Shape of you’; due to the way in which members of the public have criticised him saying things like ‘it’s a vocal performance and she [Kesha] sang her damn heart out and dog whistled for the God’s and you give it to that LOW-KEY ELEVATOR MUSIC NONSENSE?!’ I didn’t know ‘LOW-KEY ELEVATOR MUSIC’ could be a number one in the UK. It seems that some of the public disagree with the Recording Academy though, and wanted another nominee to win whether it of been Kesha, Pink, Kelly Clarkson or Lady Gaga. All artists are massively talented there is no doubt about that; in my opinion, I think they are all worthy winners Ed Sheeran included. Although, I understand that many people may agree and/or disagree with the Grammy winners throughout the night, in particular, the lack of female artist winners. Considering, only one female won for the main category (Alessia Cara won ‘Best New Artist’.)

Nevertheless, is this whole situation being blown out of proportion?

When people are referring back to the ‘Me Too’ campaign suggesting how Kesha was more deserving of the award because the song was about ‘overcoming sexual abuse’ whereas, ’Shape of you’ was awarded for being just ‘another song by a man talking about a woman's body’. It is clear to me that there are going to be mixed views on this subject. Although, instead of just being ‘another song by a man talking about a women’s body’ maybe, you may be able to hear the love story that I believe the lyrics express. Throughout the song he continues to repeat how he wants her ‘love’ and it ‘was handmade’ for him. This is insinuating he wants more than just a physical relationship. Although, in the song he does refer to being ‘in love with your [her] body’ but, does make it clear that it is more than just physical when he informs us they ‘talk for hours and hours about the sweet and the sour’ in other words they talk about positive and negative subjects, unlike other songs that talk about women’s bodies he does so in a positive way.

No disrespect.

No slander.

Just love in and out.

Maybe, it’s about time we stop with the excuses of why more females didn’t receive awards.

Maybe, its about time we stop criticising artists who worked hard and shared their passion and art with us.

Maybe, it’s time to stop criticising and start congratulating.

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