Dear Depression is a feature both Ashley Prinzess and Beneath the Surface has worked on to show how having depression doesn't mean you're stuck in that never-ending downward spiral. People do care about you and will support you and you can be the warrior of your own story.

A little bit about Ashley: She is a writer turned blogger from New Jersey. When she's not writing like mad, she enjoys binge eating, browsing adoptable dogs and blogging about living with depression. She shares her recovery journey hoping to inspire others to start theirs. Find her hanging out on Instagram @ashleyprinzess. To have a look at her blog click below and within a click of your fingers your be there.

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Written by Ashley Prinzess

Dear Depression, 

I don’t wish to see you anymore. I have been trying to tell you, but it doesn’t seem like you want to hear me. Don’t try to change my mind, because I’ve already started the process. There are times where lying in bed with you made me happy in its own sick way. You showed up when no one else did, but I’ve seen what life can be without you in it. So, it’s time to say goodbye. 

It’s not working out. I’m not sure why you want to be together when all you have done is put me down and made me cry. You exploited my insecurities and isolated me from everyone. If someone was too close, then we pushed away. If I thought I was fat, then you called me a cow. Honestly, the way you made me feel doesn’t bother me. It’s the time you took away from me. I’ll never get that back.

Things are different from when I was young and wasn’t onto you. You corrupted my sleep when I was a teenager. I slept when I was sad because I wanted to wake up feeling better or not at all. I went into slumbers that lasted for days, only to wake up and go to the bathroom and eat when no one was around. My sleeping habits isolated me. 

Depression, I don’t wish to sleep with you anymore, and I won’t be so easily romanced back into bed. The girl that used to coexist with you has been dissembled...


Written by Beneath the Surface

To a beautiful soul with depression,

There are a few things we want you to know:

You are not alone; If you need someone, there’s someone close by who will be there whether it be a friend or foe.

Bad days are ok; If you’re having a bad day it’s ok because your strong enough to get through it. There are options, you don’t need to be trapped in the day. Do something you love! Whether it be, reading a book, listening to music, playing Playstation or dancing like nobody’s watching. Take control back, even if it’s only a little bit. Small steps equal a larger one.

We don’t judge; If you worried about us judging don’t be we’re here to support you and we’re asking because we care.

You’re beautiful inside and out; Regardless of what toxic people say and negative thoughts try and have you believe. You are beautiful inside and out, you just need to look in the mirror and say it and try and start believing it as we see it within you.

We know the difference between a bad day and you wanting us to go away; As long as you need support we’ll support you and stand by your side. We know you’re trying your best not to isolate yourself if you feel comfortable talking about it just be honest about your day and say.

The truth is whether we are your friend or family member, we care and although we can’t begin to imagine what you go through we can be there to support you as you do with us. Prior to what depression seems to think we know that you are bigger, better and stronger than it thinks it is and will never be defined by it. 

We are beyond the condition.

Yours faithfully,

The people who love and care about you.​