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Written by Katie Titus

Article photography credit goes to @mariangelaabeo


Faces of Fortitude is an ongoing portrait project that aims to raise awareness of Suicide and Mental Health. The project that started in November 2017 consists of portrait photographers of members of the public who get then get the chance to speak out about mental health in a safe space.

After speaking to the mental health activist photographer Mariangela Abeo I was positively overwhelmed with how she used the devasting series of events in her life to create the Faces of Fortitude portrait project that is both inspiring and refreshing to look at. What became more of a shock was it became as a result of her feeling as if she wasn't ''heard and my story wasn't believed'' within her personal life.

It's truly remarkable.

It's truly remarkable that after everything she created a journey which anyone who is living with a mental health illness or has been affected by one or suicide could be a part of the movement.

The response I received from her regarding how she felt about the response she had had from people gave me goosebumps as well as she enlightened me it ''made my heart sing'' as she never expected this to snowball like it did and was, in fact, using ''it as healing'' and believed ''that would be it''.

How naive she has been though as greatness energises great things and that's exactly what this has been from day one.

I urge you to look her up @FacesofFortitude - You won't regret!