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Beneath The Surface is a music and mental health organisation who aims on breaking the stigma surrounding mental health, and sharing music news, reviews and features with a non-traditional journalistic approach. Our goals are to provide music content for both the casual music listener, as well as, the industry professional who’s looking for coverage of their own music, someone they represent, or even just a quick read during a cuppa. In regards to the Mental Health component of our organisation, we plan and publish content in hopes we can help make mental health easier to talk about and less of a taboo subject in society. Established in 2017, Beneath The Surface are now fully focused on maximising their time and sharing the best possible content including: sharing the best of the underground/unsigned talent, popular music, social talking points or any penny for a thought, mental health tips, information and much more.

Disclaimer: For anyone who is struggling with their mental health it is extremely important you seek medical assistance and would like to make it known that we are NOT healthcare professionals and everything written is from either opinion, a personal perspective or research. Although, regarding any medical advice we would urge you to seek your own personal medical care and let it be known we are not qualified to give any advice. Also, within some pieces there may be trigger warnings though they will be noted as such and if not done please feel free to contact us so we can amend this mistake.

All in All - This is us, so we hope you enjoy and if you have any recommendations let us know.

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Based in London, U.K

E-Mail:  Beneaththesurfaceblog@gmail.com

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